Video Storytelling

For this assignment I wanted to report something interesting and something I would like. I asked around campus of there was some kind of workout group or fitness club and someone told me about the lifting club. I got in contact with the person who organizes this club and he told me he would be more than happy to have me report about their club. They are trying to get more people involved and get their name out there because not a lot of people know about this club. I really enjoyed being able to film something while they are actually doing their work. It was really interesting how into the club these men were. I didn’t enjoy how many videos I had to record. I found myself recoding for a good hour, hour in a half. It surprised me how willing the people were to let me film them work out. I didn’t think it would be so easy to get them to say yes. I was nice to have them so welcoming and willing to tell me about their club. If I were to do something differently I would have interviewed more than two people to get more facts about the club. However, only two people were willing to get on camera and talk about themselves and the club. I see myself using this video in the future because I want to work for sports media so it really helped me get experience on filming live people working out and moving around. I’m sorry the video was late; there was a miscommunication on who was posting the video. I really liked this assignment because it was a hand on assignment and it made me get involved a lot and I really enjoyed filming.



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