soundslides project


This assignment was very difficult for my partner and I. We had a hard time setting up the slideshow. We split the project in half so Alex was in charge of the slideshow and I was in charge of the audio part. When I was making the audio I had to record a lot of different people because they audio kept messing up. It took a while to actually get the audio down. The biggest problem we had was the adding the picture part to the slides and then downloading the link. We struggled a lot with this and that’s why it took a while to finish the project. But thanks to your help we were able to understand how to do it better. I really liked working with Alex. We were able to work together with no issues. I liked how we split the project up so we each knew what we needed to get done. However, Alex had some problems with his part but we figured it out and it all worked out in the end. If I were to go back and change something about this project I probably would change how we went about the project. If we would have realized what we struggled with earlier then we could have got help a lot earlier. However, it all worked out and I’m happy we finished it.

I really hope we don’t get points off for this project. Alex had a hard time getting in contact with you for help and that’s why it was a little late. We wanted to make sure we did it right before we turned the project in. I did like this project but it was very difficult and we struggled a lot.


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