Edited Audio



Editing this audio was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I did get help from some classmates today after class which helped me understand how to cut film and delete noise in the back ground. The thing that was hard was that the speaker said um a lot and it was hard to cut that out but not the stuff I wanted. I learned how to use the different software during this project. I really liked that because I had no idea how to use anything before this project. I learned how to cut audio down by a lot and cut out unnecessary parts. I really enjoyed using Audacity. I’ve never heard of that software till this class and I really like it. I didn’t enjoy having to delete the noise in the background. That was really tough but I figured it out. The thing that really surprised me was how I could cut the audio down by three minutes. Before doing this project I thought that part was going to be really tough but after actually doing it, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. If I were to go back and redo it, I would for sure do it in a much quieter place. Cutting the background noise out was really tough and took a lot of time to do. It would have been a lot easier and would have gone a lot smoother if I were to just record my partner in a much quieter place. I really enjoyed this project. It’s by far one of my favorite projects I’ve done in school within the past four years. I’m excited for the next blog, it looks like it’s going to be very interesting.


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