Raw Audio File


This blog was really weird for me. I’m still not sure how I feel about being recorded by someone and then listening to the recording. It made me very awkward. On the other hand, I liked recording my partner. I was fun and exciting. I felt important. I actually learned a lot from this experience. I learned that when recording someone it takes lots of takes to get it right. We recorded each other at least over 10 times each. We just kept messing up and then getting really awkward about it. Overall, I enjoyed the project although I felt awkward when it was my turn to get recorded. Even though I didn’t like getting recorded I still enjoyed the experience. I really liked hearing what my partner had to say and I was really amazed with his stories. I didn’t enjoy listening to myself on a recorder. It was so weird to me and made me feel awkward. If I had to go back and redo it I would for sure use a different recorder. Using the iPhone recorder was a little rough. I didn’t go so smooth however, it worked out and we figured out how to use it the best way.


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