UNLV Men's socer

UNLV Men’s socer

Joaquin Rivas, a Junior at UNLV, joins the UNLV men’s soccer team in a jog and stretch on their home field. This practice took place Saturday morning at 9 AM. I attended this practice because I was visiting UNLV this past weekend. This event took place during a beautiful day. It was about 85 degrees out in Las Vegas that morning. I sat on the sidelines watching practice for two hours. It was pretty easy to get this shot because I was able to get up close and take different shots from different angles. I felt like I was a part of the event while taking lots of pictures during the men’s practice. This photo was easy to capture because I was able to take photos of the team from different angles and at different times during their practice and didn’t have any trouble. Viewpoint was the key creative device for this picture.

Student studying at the Library

Student studying at the Library

This photo is of a University of Wyoming student, Kristin Howard, studying at the library on campus on a Monday afternoon. I was walking through the library to rent a book out when I noticed this junior sitting focused at a computer in the corner. I took this photo of Kristin because I saw how focused she was and it inspired me. It wasn’t too difficult to take this photo because there was a lot of open room where I could take many pictures at different angles to find the best photo of her. I asked her for permission after I captured the photo. Having a creative device for this photo was hard however, I found that the viewpoint was the best device to use.

Feeding Horse

Feeding Horse

This photo was taken while Kirsten Phillips was feeding her horse at her ranch in Laramie Wyoming.I really like horses so I went and checked out a couple ranches in Laramie a stumbled upon this one. I asked for permission to watch Kirsten Phillips train her horse. This photo was taken while she was feeding her horse after ridding it Monday morning at 9:30 AM. IT was a beautiful morning for a nice ride, not too cold. It was a little difficult to capture this shot because I had to get the right angle where she couldn’t see that I was taking a picture. I really liked this shot because it showed a lot of emotions from the horse and from Kirsten. For the creative device in this picture I used focus. This is because I needed an up close picture.

High school Game

High school Game

Kaylee Vitale, a senior at Bishop Gorman, gets tackled by her opponent during her high school game. Bishop Gorman won their game that took place at Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas Friday afternoon. The weather was so perfect for a soccer game. It wasn’t too hot or too cold and there was no wind blowing.  I attended this game to watch my friends sister play. This photo was really hard to take because it was an action shot. I took a billion pictures and happened to capture a good one. There is so much emotion in this picture, I feel like I’m part of the play. I asked Kaylee after the game if I could use this photo for my project and I was happy she said yes because it was such a great action shot of her and her opponent.I zoomed in so the picture would look up close. Cropping was a key creative device I used for this photo because I only wanted the play that was happening at the moment in the picture.

Girl Riding Bull

Girl Riding Bull


Morgan Seeley Riding the bull at the Cowboy Wednesday evening. This was Morgan’s first time riding a bull. I overheard her talking to her friends how it was her first time and how she really wanted to do it. I took many picture while she was on the bull and afterwards asked for her permission to use the photos. It was kind of difficult to take this photo because of how many people were around. I didn’t have a lot of space to work in however, I’m very happy with how the picture turned out. There’s a lot of emotion in this picture even though you can’t see Morgan’s face. I like how you can see the light shinning down on her, it shows a lot of emotions. Looking at this picture makes me feel like it was an intention moment for the bull rider. Focus came into place when i used a creative device in this picture.

I was very happy with this assignment. I feel like I learned a lot from the last assignment and I tried to use your feedback to help me with this assignment. Editing the photo surprised me. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be. If I were to change something about this assignment I would have worked on the coloring more. I feel like I did a good job with the pictures I used.


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