Forwards in The Game of Soccer

Ever watch a soccer game and see players miss wide open goals? Then do you catch yourself asking “What were they thinking?!” Ever wonder who the most important player is on a soccer field?

People don’t realize how important forwards are in the game of soccer. Please click this link to visit information about forwards.

You can’t win a soccer game if your team isn’t scoring. Players spend hours at practice strictly on finishing and shooting but somehow miss wide open goals.

When it comes down to an actually game the pressure is different than practice. Why do players freak out in games but not practice? What do players really feel when they are on the field?

Lucie McDowell, a freshman forward from Australia on the University of Wyoming soccer team, shares her knowledge of the game and how she finishes so well.

“For me, at practice I can’t finish if my life depended on it but in games I almost finish everything I shoot at goal. For most people they feel more pressure and stress in games than practice and that’s where all the miss goals come from. When I’m in games I feed off of that pressure and stress, I love it! I’m more relaxed and confident when playing in games verse practices.”

Lucie McDowell

Lucie McDowell

In soccer it’s pretty obvious that goals matters. The other players are clearly important too but when it comes down to winning or losing, you need more goals than the other team and this is why players tend to freak out during games. Forwards are under a lot of pressure and stress during games. They have one job, and that’s to get the ball in the net.

In the past when you were young soccer was a game of just running around kicking the ball. The players who played were the ones who worked the hardest. It didn’t matter how good you were, if you worked hard you would play. Now the forwards who score the most play the most. It doesn’t matter if you are the laziest player; if you score then you stay on and this is where the stress comes from. Everyone wants to play.

Coach Casper explains, “Forwards has the most important job. Don’t get me wrong, every player on the field is important, however, you can’t win games if you aren’t scoring goals. On soccer teams you usually have the most forwards out of all the positions, so it’s hard to pick who plays the most. When it comes down to game day, I put in the girls who have been scoring. Lucie McDowell has been our leading scorer and hasn’t let us down. She doesn’t loss focus in front of the net like a lot of our forwards does.”

Lucie is leading the team with the most goals scoring 5 so far. The Wyoming Cowgirls have only played 8 games with 12 remaining. For detail stats click here:!/stats?sport=w-soccer

It must be hard as a defender to have your forwards keep missing goals. Then to stay positive to them afterwards must be even harder.

Alison Clarke, a defender from Tennessee on the Wyoming soccer team, explains her thoughts and feelings about forwards.
“It’s hard to defend all game and then watch a forward miss a wide open shot. However, I know how much stress they are under to score so I try to stay positive. I use to be a forward so I know what pressure they are under but when watching from a defensive position we get a different look at things.”

Forwards struggle as much as defenders do or even midfielders and goalies. When defenders mess up or goalies the team gets scored on. So now it’s up to the forwards to score to get their team back in the game. If the game is tied it’s up to the forwards to get a goal to help their team take the lead. Forwards are very important in soccer and that’s why they are under so much stress and pressure.

Please click on the link below to follow the Cowgirls as they continue with their 2013 season and other NCAA soccer teams.

Wyoming Girl's Soccer Team

Wyoming Girl’s Soccer Team


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