powering a Nation with Water

When visiting the website http://www.poweringanation.org/water/ a video appears on the main page. To view other videos and blogs on this website you have to watch the main video first. After watching the first video 20 other videos, blogs, and articles popped up. At this point I am able to click on any of them. I ended up clicking on all of them. There was no particular order I went it. I started from the top left and made my way to the bottom. I did run into a couple problems while accessing this page. First I had to switch to Mozilla from Internet explorer because the videos didn’t seem to work on Internet Explore. After I switched to Mozilla a couple of the blog posted still don’t work. I would click on the link and nothing would happen.

I felt that this website had pretty good with its navigation. It was very simple and easy to access different links. All the links were on one page and you were able to go back to the main video at any time. I really liked how after I was done watching a video or reading a blog all I had to do was click the exit button and I was at the main page again.

When I went back to the website I started to search for a way to contact the creators, producers, and reporters but I was not able to find a way. I may have missed it but I searched for about 10 minutes and could not find it anywhere on the website.

I had my roommate sit down and visit this website after I did. I watched her very closely and watched everything she did. She watched the main video on the front page twice. She said it was very interesting and kind of inspirational. Then she went to the second page where all the videos and blog links were. She started watching them in no particular order. She just started clicking on them randomly. She didn’t really say much, just that she didn’t know a lot of the info she was learning about. She seemed very interested and impressed with what she learned. She ran into the same navigation problems as me where she couldn’t click on some of the blogs. At the end of her exploring the website I asked her to find the contact information .She too could not find any contact information.

My roommates and I usability test were very similar. We ran into the same problem and found the same blogs and videos interesting. However, she did seem to watch some videos more than once and I never repeated a video. She also visited the links completely different than me. Overall our navigation of the website was very different.

Three things I would say the website shouldn’t change is the way the different links were laid out. I thought it was very easy to visit different links on the website. They shouldn’t change how easy it is to go back to the main page. They laid that out very well. And they shouldn’t the theme of the page. I felt that the page was very clean looking and not cluttered or unorganized. Three things the website should change is the navigation issues with the links not working. There is clearly a technically problem there. They should make the contact information visibly more and a lot easier to find. And they should put a link that you can click on the main page so if you don’t want to watch the opening video you can skip to the actually blogs and other links.


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