My News Background

Keeping up with the news has been lacking for me. I am not proud of it but for the past year the most news I have watched and read is from ESPN. I use this particular news sources because I am extremely interested in sports and it’s the only kind of news that catches my eyes. Because my main interest is sports, I need a source that is credible. I trust this news source because I have no other reason not to. ESPN shows live sports and talk shows which makes this source extremely credibly. I enjoy this source of news because for the most part it stays slanted. Of course there are times when ESPN can get bias towards the losing team however, that is a reason why this source is so interesting to read and watch.



I don’t really watch entertainment shows nor do I read entertainment websites so it’s hard for me to say rather or not they can be informative. However, I consider Entertainment Tonight an informative entertainment show. This show plays on CBS. This particular show keeps you up to date with current news on celebrates. I believe there are many entertainment sources that can be informative because even though it is for entertainment and supposed to be funny, it provides current news within the humor.

The only news I talk to other people about would be what I heard on ESPN and the gossip off entertainment shows. I need to improve this by adding different news sources to my news diet. For example, I need to add politics, the weather, and mainly just what’s going on in the world.


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